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      Eric Spangenberg
Faculty: Professor
The Maughmer Freedom Philosophy Endowed Chair
Department of Marketing
Washington State University, Pullman

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  • Ad Skepticism
        The nature, role, and measurement of consumer skepticism toward advertising in the marketplace.
  • Environmental Psychology
        Effects on consumer attitudes of peripherally communicated marketplace information (e.g., stimuli such as music, olfactory stimuli, and tactile cues).
  • Self-prophecy
        Testing theory and effects regarding making a prediction about one's own future behavior.
  • Ph.D., Marketing, University of Washington, 1990
  • MBA, Business Administration, Portland State University, 1986
  • BA, Business Administration, Washington State University, 1982
  • AA, General Studies, Lower Columbia College, 1980
Professional Memberships:

  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Influence of Negative Marketplace Information on Consumer Attitudes toward a Service Establishment," Journal of Retailling and Consumer Services, 2013    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Power of Simplicity: Processing Fluency and the Effects of Olfactory Cues on Retail Sales," Journal of Retailing, 2013    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Impact of Self-Prediction and Norms on Behavior," Yale Economic Review, 2013    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Process Evidence for the Question-Behavior Effect: Influencing Socially Normative Behaviors," Social Influence, 2012    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "It's All in the Mix: The Interactive Effect of Music Tempo and Mode on In-Store Sales," Marketing Letters, 2012    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "When Does the Past Repeat Itself? The Interplay of Behavior Prediction and Personal Norms," Journal of Consumer Research, 2011    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Importance of a General Measure of Brand Engagement on Marketing Beahvior: Development and Validation of a Scale," Journal of Marketing Research, 2009    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Consideration of Future Consequences, Ego-Depletion, and Self-Control: Support for Distinguishing Between CFC-Immediate and CFC-Future Sub-Scales," Personality and Individual Differences, 2008    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Will You Read this Abstract? Theories of the Question-Behavior Effect," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2008    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Effects of Tactile Input on Consumer Product Evaluation: Empirical Evidence adn Theoretical Exploration," Journal of Retailing, 2007    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Self-Prophecy and MIsattribution," Journal of Consumer Research, 2006    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Question-Behavior Effect: What We Know and Where We Go From Here," Social Influence, 2006    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Effects of Gender Congruent Olfactory Cues on Approach and Avoidance Behaviors in a Retail Store," Journal of Business Research, 2006    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Ad Skepticism: The Consequences of Disbelief," Journal of Advertising, 2005    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "It's Beginning to Smell (and Sound) a Lot Like Christmas: The Interactive Effects of Ambient Scent and Music in a Retail Setting," Journal of Business Research, 2005    

  • Journal of Consumer Research, Editorial Review Board
  • Political Psychology, Ad-Hoc Reviewer
  • Journal of Marketing Research, Ad-Hoc Reviewer
  • Journal of Retailing, Ad-Hoc Reviewer
  • Journal of Advertising, Ad-Hoc Reviewer
  • Journal of Business Research, Ad-Hoc Reviewer
  • Academy of Marketing Science Review, Editorial Review Board
  • The Geoff and Florence Maughmer Freedom Philosophy Endowed Chair , WSU College of Business and Economics , 2005
  • Gardner O. Hart Faculty Excellence Distinguished Professor , WSU College of Business and Economics , 2003
  • Research Faculty of the Year , WSU College of Business and Economics , 2003
  • WSU Marketing Faculty of the Year Award , College of Business and Economics , 2002
  • WSU Marketing Faculty of the Year , College of Business and Economics , 2001
  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers , Who's Who , 2000
  • Jones Foundation Faculty Development Grant , University of Washington Foundation , 2000
  • Outstanding International Research Publication , WSU College of Business and Economics , 1999
  • WSU Summer Research Grant , College of Business and Economics , 1997
  • CBE Excellence Award for Outstanding Advising , College of Business and Economics , 1997

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